Networking is a trending topic and everyone is trying to navigate there way around it because of the plethora of ways to connect to individuals. In addition, a popular internet format known as LinkedIn provides an atmosphere for individuals to support professional conversation, however, you are still hiding behind a keyboard and monitor. Ask yourself, when was the last time you actually interacted with an actual human being in a professional manner? If its more than a week, we have an issue, but no worries. Network with a twist can help the shyest professional branch out and network like a pro. This event has supportive networking building strategies that can help each participant engage and get more out of these special events. You will never attend these unique socials and not learn anything new. We make it nearly impossible to get away from conducive communications or brainstorming with like-minded individuals.

Network With a Twist was founded in April 2015. It was created to address the issues with face to face networking, while providing a laid back fun atmosphere for all professionals. Network With a Twist is off to a strong start. With various themes for each evening, such as Network towards a cause,  participants were encouraged to choose which nonprofit or charitable organization to donate to their perspective tickets too.

Roxana Trevino, an employee at the Joiner Law Firm, who help set up the first  event in July stated, “I had a blast, everything went great” Marrisa Marshall, an employee at Wealth Development Strategies stated, “It was a great event, I had fun” Moreover, Amanda Ware, a college student at Xavier University stated,”I encourage all college students to get out here and network, this event has helped me realize how important it is to communicate” the soon to be graduate and 4.0 student left an everlasting impression on all attendees.

If you are ever in the Houston area please come out to our events. The next event will be November 12, 2015 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at the House of Blues Houston.

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