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Network with a Twist was established with the goal of helping professionals connect in an innovative way and the features sponsors decides how the event is organized and what charity a portion of their financial support reaches. Your company’s sponsorship will be used to help fund any charity of your choice.

As a featured sponsor, [you][your company] will receive benefits designed to increase your company’s visibility and provide a return on your company’s investment, including:

  • Exposure to an audience of more two thousands of email subscribers and growing (business owners, professionals)].
  • Name recognition in all press releases and media coverage.
  • Inclusion of your name and logo in all promotional materials.
  • Reserved tickets for partners and colleagues.
  • And other VIP services
  • Host event and organize it to benefit you or your company


You can find additional information about sponsorship benefits. You can also visit Network With a Twist website at or email us at



Sponsorship Levels. As detailed in the table below, we have Number levels of sponsorship. Once your total financial commitment reaches the amount associated with a sponsorship level, you are eligible to receive the corresponding benefits. All sponsorships are available on a first committed basis and limitations for specific levels are noted in parentheses.

Featured (Limit 1)


Premium (Limit 2)


Business (Limit 3)

Special *$99

  • Company logo in gallery located Network With a Twist website
  • Listing as a sponsor on Network With a Twist website
  • Ability to organize the event
  • 4 name mentions in media coverage
  • Company name and logo on name tag and other signs
  • Full page advertisement in the monthly blog post
  • Mention in all promotional materials
  • Inclusion in all press releases
  • Option to include company merchandise in gift bag
  • 3free tickets
  • Other VIP services
  • Opportunity to earn additional income 3 different ways

[other benefits]

  • Company logo in gallery located Network With a Twist website
  • Listing as a sponsor on Network With a Twist website
  • Company name and logo on 2 other places
  • advertisement in the newsletter
  • Mention in select promotional materials
  • Option to include company merchandise in gift bag
  • 2free tickets
  • Opportunity to earn income 2 ways


  • Listing as a sponsor on Network With a Twist website
  • Company name and logo on 1 other
  • advertisement in the newsletter
  • Option to include company merchandise in gift bag
  • 1free tickets
  •  Opportunity to earn income 1 other  way
Featured (Limit 1)


Premium (Limit 2)


Level Name (Limit 3)


[benefits] [benefits] [benefits


  • Exposure to over a thousand visitors per day through the website, meetup, and Eventbrite.
  • Opportunities to build relationships and partnerships with other sponsors at the event.
  • The gratification of supporting a worthwhile event and exceptional professionals in your city.


If you have any questions about sponsorship benefits or if [you are][your company is] interested in sponsoring Network With a Twist, please contact us  at or 281-810-1507. or click here


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Upcoming events

Network With Twist

Gage lounge, Houston Texas

March 31, 2016


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Free Networking Seminar/Training

Sponsored by untitled

Co work lab

April 16, 2016


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No speed Limit- Network With a Twist

No Speed Limit

Networking is an interesting trend and the cornerstone of establishing new professional relationships. On many occasions, networking events have led to endless opportunities. Networking provides individuals access to great fortune by giving them a chance to mingle with a multitude and stand apart from the crowd.

Networkers can agree that authenticity and their memorable attributes are better than their business cards at well sourced events. Being yourself opens doors and is truly beneficial when cultivating business relationships. Engaging with strangers is difficult at times due to lack of common ground, apprehension, or communication deficiencies. Practice, practice, practice!

Is confidence your issue? Are you hoping to eliminate social awkwardness? Have you grown tired of missing opportunities to meet new people? Speed networking allows you to maximize your reach and also helps you trend upwards and get the most out of your networking experience. Whether you’re a networking novice or a pro, we have the right event for you.


February 25, 2016


The Cowork Lab

2500 Yale Street, Suite B, Houston, TX (edit map)


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Houston has a large crowd of diverse professionals and Network With a Twist is here to add a spin on to your networking experience. Network With a Twist was founded on the values of true professional networking. These events held are like no other. In addition, they are held at the finest destinations of your City. If you are looking to expand your network, meet elite professionals and entrepreneurs, please attend one of our networking mixers. Moreover, networking has its benefits, and there is nothing more important than face to face relationship building in our times of social media and internet personalities. So, do not rely on your exceptional typing skills to build professional relationships, instead come out of your bubble, and meet the professionals of your City in an evening of high-end networking.

Networking, and how does it benefit you?

What is networking? Does it play a role in your professional success? Below are excerpts from  prominent websites. This will help you gain a better understanding networking, and this can help you adjust your role in the whole process of becoming a better networker.

Definition of

  1. 1:  the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically:  the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.

Definition of networking:

1.a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.

2. an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, for example:a network of recent college graduates.

 Definition of networking: Investopedia.

A process that fosters the exchange of information and ideas among individuals or groups that share a common interest. Networking may fall into one of two categories – social or business. In the latter category, one of the implicit objectives is to form professional relationships that may boost one’s future business and employment prospects.

“Networking is a two-way street. Don’t expect new contacts to shower you with referrals and business unless you are equally generous. Follow up on your contacts; keep in touch; always share information or leads that might benefit them. You’ll be paid back tenfold for your thoughtfulness”.
The direct and indirect everlasting effect of networking
1. Direct
You will become a better  communicator about your career or a career you are pursuing
-Event attendees will ask you about your career, your role, and related professional ideas
You will become a better a communicator in your daily life, relationships, friendships, work related relationships, and negotiating
Success is directly tied to how well you communicate, so we will provide you with time to practice this in 2016 the New Year!
Happy Holidays
 January 15, 2016 6:30pm-9:30pm.
The Marque Social business club, Houston Texas.
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 11224090_515149035328815_67049057014294400_oNetwork With a Twist
Happy Networking,

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Network With a Twist launches membership program to improve the way professionals connect

Networking at the House of Blues Houston

Network With a Twist launches a membership program to help gain retention and build a community for networkers. The long desire to make professional connections and build a business is in reach, according to administrative personnel of Network With a Twist, LLC. “this will solve the way we communicate, gain clients or referrals”. Our membership program will help those individuals stay connected with those who can help build each other up and make those key life long professional relationships. Members will be guided with each step by the Ambassadors of NWAT.


Happy Networking

Interested in membership:

There are three levels of membership:


2.Premium Networker

3.VIP Networker


Steps to becoming a member

Step 1. Invest initial payment

Membership includes:

  • Custom Name Tag
  • Free entry into the next 3 events which includes  free drinks and appetizers!
  • Membership Profile set up and a photo on
  • Free Networking assessment
  • First priority on sponsorship packages and discounts on products included at a lower rate
  • Discount to Private Events

2. Receive a new membership orientation and introduction to ambassadors

3. Sign membership from/agreement online

4. Login to online profile and join your perspective group for easy networking

5. Attend the next Networking Mixer December 10, 2015, The Marque: Business Lounge, 798 Sorrella Ct, Houston, Texas. This will be free of charge and network with the professionals of your City

For more information about Premium and VIP membership, please contact us at


Upcoming Networking event


December 10, 2015 6:30-9:30pm The Marque: Business Lounge 798 Sorella Ct, Houston Texas

Click here to RSVP

Congrats to our latest members

Jason Misztal

Audra Blakely

Francois Choquette

Michael Patterson

Keith Gartrell



Happy Networking,

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