Event organization rules

1- Bing space image
14- board space

Bingo RULES –  For Event Organizers

Incentives to join:

  • Diversity
  • Attendance increase
  • Event exposure/ Marketing

Bingo Instructions for Event Organizers

  1. Purchase square 1-25 in perspective City
  2. Or sponsor "Free Space" event
  3. Complete Bingo Square Survey - Link here
  4. Bingo will start on the "Free space" event day.
  5. Generally, attendees attending this event are eligible to occupy the free space on their perspective bingo board.
  6. The prize will be awarded to the participant who successfully meets all criteria’s set by event organizers (In a row) to occupy each square on the Bingo Board.
  7. Participants will receive a randomize board upon purchase

Square info

  1. The Black numbers are occupied by five event options
  2. The Red numbers are occupied by one event option
  3. Once a square is purchased, you must set the criteria for event attendees
  1. The criteria survey link is here
  2. Each criteria will be reviewed for fairness.
  1. An official event list will be sent to all event organizers and participants after “Free space” event.
  2. meetup groups promotion is included with purchase, with a total reach of 5,000 + local professionals

professionals will be included with your square purchase


  1. Purchase a numbered square online
  2. Set square criteria with Bingo survey for organizers
  3. Receive participant list for verification prior to event
  4. Receive free event promotion

Other opportunities to participate for Business/Event organizers

  • Sponsor Bingo prize with your product or service
  • Sponsor prize with financial contribution