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Brittany Lo Headshot - Brittany Lo
First Name, Last Name 

 Brittany Lo

Current profession 

CEO of Beautini

City, State

New York, NY

What is a day of work like for you? 
Every day is so different as an entrepreneur. I always try to stay on top of my emails and taking care of our clients first, making sure my employees are fully supported and having some time set aside for big picture strategizing.
What is your personality style?  
Running a successful beauty company! 🙂
If you could have superpowers for day? What would you choose and why? 

Stop time!! The days go by so quickly that I can't seem to get everything done.

What makes you stand out? in your opinio*
My personality and energy. I am a determined and energetic person so believes in chasing your dreams as anything is possible in my mind.
Eating pizza and Shake Shack, decorating cakes, taking workout classes
How is networking important in your profession?
Very important, that is how we can grow Beautini!
What's a good twist you would like to see at at our networking events?
 breaking people up and pushing them outside their comfort zones