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Network With a Twist is hosting an event bingo. Event organizers have the the opportunity raise awareness through marketing by adding a twist to your event.

Here are the rules to our event bingo. The open board period will run for a month. Event organizers will have the opportunity to purchase space. Each space can be purchased up to 5 times, and event organizers can purchase unlimited space, while supplies last;  except numbers that red, only one event organizer can purchase those numbers.

Note: Networking events are preferred, but we are open to all events. The goal is the open the horizon of professionals:

  1. Events must be 24 hours apart to occupy event bingo space
  2.  Event Organizers must submit Bingo space survey for approval, after purchase
  3. Attendees must fill out Bingo survey, after they have completed a board
  4.  Attendees can purchase as many boards, but can only submit one to win prize
  5.  Attendees will have 30 – 45 days to claim bingo

Let’s have fun and Network With a Twist.

Bingo Board Space 16. Event Organizers are allowed to purchase this space on our Human event Bingo.

In order for users to occupy, you must set the criteria for individuals to complete , by clicking this link here.